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Pre-Yom Tov Pop Up Sale Information! 

Power Fashions


Location- 199 Main Street (corner Rt 88 and Park Ave)

Hours- Sunday, Monday, Thursday 11-6. Tuesday & Wednesday 1-6 and 8-10 PM


*Far Rockaway/ Five Towns:

Location- 525 Jarvis Ave

Hours- Sunday 10-12 AM & 3-5 PM, Monday- Thursday 7-9, Friday 12:30-2:30. For an appointment at any other time please call (718) 406-1577.


*Monsey/ Spring Valley:

Location- 2 Renfrew Road, Spring Valley 

Hours- Sunday 2-5, Monday - Thursday 8-10 PM. For an appointment at any other time please call (917) 406-2767.


*Brooklyn: (Opening September 15th)

Location- 1311 Ave I

Hours- Sunday 12-5, Monday- Thursday 1-5 & 7:30-9 PM 



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  • Is the Lakewood store open today 10/24? What are the hours?


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